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Diane Cahal

I was raised in a small town in Texas, just up the road from where I managed to obtain a BA in photography from SHSU - at a time when photography wasn't really accepted as an art form.  1993 was some crazy times.  My minor was in studio art, but because artists were relegated to the parking lot building (and had a strong dislike for photo majors), I've always separated my painty art from my photography.

I discovered Polaroid manipulation in 2003/4 and found my calling.  Never in my life had I found a medium so perfectly matched for my imagery and my need to get my hands in the stuff to make good art.  Life was good, until Polaroid pulled the plug and my materials became extinct.  Devastated, I was forced to make changes, try new things, cry.  A lot.  And wait.  Years.  Currently, I'm happy to say I'm using the Impossible Project's films to make my manipulations.  I wouldn't be the artist I am today without that proverbial rug being pulled out from under me and used to roll me up and damn near suffocate me.  Lucky, I guess.

I'm currently in a state of flux.  I've finally started to merge my two worlds.  My art is changing and it's all because I finally figured out that I was too worried about making an income to just make the art I wanted to make.  I began abandoning my art and things changed.  I've always been a fan of dioramas and now I'm making them like a mad woman.  I love glitter and glue and glow lights and now I'm incorporating them into my work as if they are the finest mediums known to man.  

Thank you for indulging my artistic curiosity.  I need to keep making.  I'm happy to do commissioned pieces, Boosts In A Box, paintings, photography - especially manipulations, dioramas and glittery things.  One thing, though, I do not do weddings and VERY rarely will I do photographic portraits.  Now, want your family portrait made out of paper and fabric and twinkle lights and placed into a diorama?  I'm your girl.